Tuesday, October 23, 2007

All kinds of spaghetti

From The Star

Lisa Spaghetti offers a variety of spaghetti dishes not usually found in other food outlets.

IF you’re one of those people who are just crazy about spaghetti, here’s good news for you.

Lisa Spaghetti has just opened a shop in SS15, Subang Jaya.

It offers a wide range of spaghetti dishes including curry spaghetti, fried spaghetti, sausage spaghetti, chicken stew spaghetti and even spaghetti in mushroom soup.

Lisa Spaghetti, which used to be just a small stall at the Giant food court in USJ Subang Jaya, now has its own shop.

It can be found in SS15 Subang Jaya, directly opposite the entrance to Taylor’s University College.

Special recipes: Lisa Chan credits her mother-in-law for various signature dishes at Lisa Spaghetti.
Lisa Spaghetti is owned and managed by Lisa Chan and her husband, Chuck Hoi.

Lisa credits her mother-in-law for the signature dish, also called Lisa Spaghetti.

In fact, that recipe as well as many of the other recipes that form the dishes on her menu today came from her mother-in-law’s collection of recipes.

“These are her recipes which she got when she used to live in London and travel around Europe. In fact, she lived and travelled in various parts of the world for more than 40 years.

‘‘Being a connoisseur of good food, she collected and compiled the best recipes from the various countries she visited.

“For instance, our stew, based on her recipe, is authentic English stew from London where she lived for many years,” explains Lisa.

Lisa spent 12 years, caring for her elderly mother-in-law until the matriarch of the family passed away in 2000.

“Although she is gone, she has left us with her recipes; her passion for the best food is today reflected in the dishes on our menu,” says Lisa.

The spaghetti sauce, says Lisa, is a fusion of the best of Italy, England and the United States, with slight modifications to create a new special taste.

“It is unlike the spaghetti sauce found in other restaurants in the Klang Valley.

“Our spaghetti sauce is cooked with chicken and not beef so as to suit the diverse religious beliefs in Malaysia.

The Hotplate Princess

“Besides the fact that the sauce is home-cooked, the ingredients used are of the best quality to ensure we do not compromise on the taste,” explains Lisa.

The Giant stall was not her first foray into the food industry.

In 1991, when the family was in Penang, Lisa had tried her hand at selling spaghetti at a coffeeshop.

Having received good response from locals and foreigners, Lisa decided to try her hand at the business again when she opened the stall in Giant in 2003.

While the stall in Giant continues to operate, offering a select few dishes, the shop in SS15 has a wider range of dishes to tempt patrons.

Dishes range from the breakfast set (sausages and eggs) to the signature Lisa Spaghetti, fried rice, and a variety of hotplate options.

The dishes are priced at affordable rates, ranging from RM3.50 for the breakfast set to RM8.80 for the Hotplate Princess (Lisa Spaghetti with black pepper boneless chicken, cocktail sausages, mixed vegetables and mushrooms).

Those who insist on having rice are not left out as the shop offers fried butter rice, chicken stew butter rice, curry chicken butter rice, chicken chop butter rice and steamed chicken butter rice.

If your toddler is insistent on finger food, there’s a range of those dishes too, from chicken nuggets and potato chips to fried oyster mushrooms and cocktail sausages.

One of the must-try items on the dessert menu is the fried ice cream – a steal at just RM2.60.

There are also red beans, sweet potato and pulut hitam for those with a hankering for something local and sweet.

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