Saturday, October 13, 2007

Terrace Cafe, Putrajaya Marriott

Seven chefs prepare state dishes

STAYING one step ahead of the competition is not an easy feat for hotels to achieve during Ramadan.

It takes effort to conjure food highlights that do not conform to the norm.

The Putrajaya Marriott has stolen the limelight to some extent with the 7 Chefs, 7 Ramadan Kawah promotion at its Terrace Café. The hotel's F&B director Gary Green and executive chef Lim Meng Sow put their heads together to come up with the promotion.

Seven in a row: The seven chefs prepare seven recipes from their home states daily for the buka puasa promotion at Terrace Cafe, Putrajaya Marriott.

While the number seven was randomly selected, the seven chefs are employed by the hotel and serve in the main kitchen. They were chosen because each had a special recipe from their respective states.

What makes the promotion more special is that the chefs stand in a row while keeping a watchful eye over the gravy simmering in each of the large frying pan.

Stirring each potent brew using paddles, they make a fetching septuplet and a good photo opportunity on a daily basis.

Show stealers Chef Zulkafli Mohammad from Kelantan cooks Gulai Kawah Daging; Chef Kotaswa Rao Samutiram from Penang prepares Kari Kepala Ikan; Chef Halimy Abd Halim from Kedah presents Gulai Kambing Mamak while Chef Mohd Kamal Mairin from Perak features Ayam Kampung Masak Nangka Muda.

Chef Mohd Arifin Abdul from Negeri Sembilan whips up Ikan Lemak Cili Padi, Chef Hanafi Mahat from Selangor prepares Gulai Nenas Ikan Masin and Chef Sarpon Jawahir from Johor makes Ikan Asam Pedas.

Another attraction at Terrace Café has got to be the IOI Ais Kacang where a corresponding number of condiments, 101 in all, are laid out daily for a do-it-yourself thirst quencher very different from the ones sold at roadside stalls.

The array of unusual items includes cheese, chocolate chunks, cookies, coconut juice, marshmellows, Maggi bits, mixed nuts, dried fruits and syrups.

Do-it-yourself: The IOI Ais Kacang features a corresponding number of condiments including unusual items like chocolate chunks, cheese, cookies, marshmellows and dried fruits.

The Terrace Café also features a variety of fresh and saltwater fish grilled outdoors.

Apart from breaking fast, diners are encouraged to contribute to charity by dropping their donations into a special box placed at the hotel lobby.

Putrajaya Marriott will top up RM5,000 in addition to the amount of cash collected to buy groceries, goodies, clothes and furniture for children of the Darul Izzah Orphanage in Bangi.

The buka puasa buffet is priced at RM83++ per adult and RM50++ per child. The promotion ends Oct 11.

  • TERRACE CAFÉ Putrajaya Marriott, IOI Resort, Putrajaya (Tel: 03-8949 8888). Business Hrs: Daily, 24 hours.

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