Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Victoria Station

From The Star



A GOOD steak depends on the quality of the meat and how a cow is reared and fed.

“It will not smell strongly and the meat is also much more tender. The steak will also have a grassy taste and smell to it.

Still going strong: 18 years and Victoria Station continues with what it does best.
“But this, only the hardcore steak lovers can tell,” said Victoria Station director Foo Jong Tau.

Foo had been in the industry since he was young. His grandfather was a chef and so was his father who founded Victoria Station 18 years ago.

So Foo had been taught well on all aspects of choosing good quality meat and ways of preparing them.

For the adventurous: Touted to be an aphrodisiac, fresh oysters are an acquired taste for some.

“Knowing how to prepare a grade one meat is very important too. Otherwise, it is just a waste of good meat.

“My dad learnt it from his father who was a chef during the colonial times. So the recipes were from the colonial times too. The brown sauce is made using the recipe but my dad created the barbeque sauce.

“From learning about the various parts of a cow to the selection processes with the suppliers, it may sound easier than done,” added Foo when met at Victoria Station on Jalan Barat recently.

Irresistible: A hardcore steak lover would not be able to say no to a tasty Sirlion steak.
The steak house gets its supply from the United States and Foo personally does the meat selection.

  • VICTORIA STATION, 21 Jalan Barat, Petaling Jaya. Business Hrs: noon – midnight, daily. Tel: 03-7955 8988. Serves alcohol.
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